Single Room

“Living away from home” for study definitely brings up a number of questions in your mind. You look for a better place, good surroundings, and a homely environment. There’s a lot of Boys hostel and Girls Hostel in the Kathmandu valley to live in for the students. It is a fact that no other places give us home-like feeling except where a parent’s presence gives us. But the RK hostel does ensure that you don’t miss out on the proper accommodation, good food, guidance for studies, and entertainment.


 RK hostel provides separate Boys hostel and Girls hostel with equal facilities. RK boys hostel is situated at Kalo Pool, Sifal, Kathmandu and Girls hostel at Rudramati Marg, Maitidevi, Kathmandu.

Facilities / Amenities

  • Beautiful scenery and refreshments.
  • Clean Well equipped washroom
  • Full Amenities Single / Double accommodation
  • Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food
  • House Keeping
  • Laundry and 24/7 Electricity.
  • Nearby Hospitals for medical support.

Students expect to have pollution and a noise-free environment. So for study, the RK hostel offers a sound and peaceful environment so that you can fully concentrate on your studies. Food, security and a healthy environment is the main concern and we at RK hostel, focus on providing clean, hygiene and healthy service to our students. We provide veg and non-veg both dishes at a very affordable price. For security purposes, we have fitted CCTV cameras.

Some prefer having their own privacy. So for those, we have a single room fitted with study table, Study chairs with clean air ventilation and well-equipped washroom. You can leave your stuff in your room and walk out the door without worrying. You can have just extra privacy and security with no disturbances.

The environment in the RK hostel is fully enhanced with personalized care and guided with friendly warmth and co-operation among peers. We try our best to provide you a home-like feeling.

Book now to enjoy the home-like facilities or call us at 9851020396 / 9818579489 / 9802008571. For more details, visit our website here: http://www.rkhostel.com.np/