Double Room

Are you away from your home to study? Are you looking for a better place, good surroundings, and a friendly environment? Are you searching for a hostel that actually feels like home? It is true that no other places give us a home-like feeling except where a parent’s presence gives us. But RK hostel double sharing boys hostel surely makes you feel like you are in your own home. Here, you get all the proper care, good food, guidance for studies, and entertainment.


RK hostel provides a Boy’s hostel with equal facilities. RK boys hostel is situated at Kalo Pool, Sifal, Kathmandu.


A sound and peaceful environment is a necessity for students to fully concentrate on their studies. So the RK hostel offers a pleasant atmosphere for them.

Homemade Food

Food and a healthy environment is the main concern and we at RK hostel, focus on providing clean, hygienic, and healthy service. The food provided is hygienic, tasty, and affordable. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items are prepared hygienically. The service is also fast and efficient. 

RK hostel housekeeping staff maintains the sanitation of all living spaces, lobbies, and bathrooms. Laundry facilities are available in the boys’ Hostel. RK hostel provides enough clean water supply for hygienic purposes and monitors the personal hygiene of all students and staff.


Some people do not have a habit of staying alone. Some prefer living with a partner and sharing everything. Some might love to make friendships for a lifetime! So for those, we have a double room with 2 beds fitted with a study table, Study chairs with clean air ventilation and a well-equipped washroom.

Security services

Personal security and well-being is the main concern. For these purposes, we have fitted CCTV cameras.

Book now to enjoy the home-like facilities or call us at 981-9140552. For more details, visit our website here: http://www.rkhostel.com.np/